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The Major Features of ConservationSpace 

Create Documents

  • Write examination, treatment and survey reports using customized templates

  • Populate metadata fields with information to make document organization and retrieval easy to accomplish

  • Add comment to documents when sharing files with other users

  • Use the Task feature to have documents reviewed or approved

  • Alert other users on the status of a document with system-generated messages

  • Create electronic links to other reports or technical exams for easy access

Writing documents is a primary feature of ConservationSpace. Create reports with predefined templates or design new documents that fit specific needs. The system features task and workflow management.  Documents link to cultural objects uploaded from an institution's collection management system. Key information automatically populates documents you create. The system is highly configurable for institutions or individuals working in private practice. Everything is all in one system and at a users fingertips.

Organize Your Work

ConservationSpace is designed to have cultural objects serve as the hub to store and display any documents, images, legacy materials, folders, projects, tasks or workflows associated with a cultural object. Information is organized by easy to use page tabs that display collection management information, documents associated with the cultural object, organizing folders and activities that are linked to the object and other useful related information. The software provides version tracking for any document created.  Legacy document written prior to adopting ConservationSpace along with other files can be imported and saved in their native formats or as searchable PDF documents. Store everything in ConservationSpace and find it quickly.

Metadata - Building a World of Relationships

ConservationSpace does more than just write,organize, store and retrieve electronic files.  Each cultural object in the system has metadata fields that allow users to store information. The software employs powerful semantic technology to create meaningful links between metadata, documents and other system items and opens new opportunities to discover relationships between cultural objects. Legacy files yield rich information since  they become easily searchable when stored in the system.

Search Features

A simple search can be done in seconds with a few easy steps. Results displayed may be sorted by relevance or other factors. Any text within a document, metadata fields, folder names, notes, tasks, legacy documents, etc., can be found using search terms that match information stored in the system.  Complex searches that focus on specific metadata terms, relationships between objects or require filtering because the search results would yield a very large data set can be addressed by the advanced search feature in ConservationSpace. 

Explore how ConservationSpace can become your own powerful tool for organizing records, finding them efficiently and revealing relationships between stored information that could never be done using a word processing program alone.


Want even more depth? Visit the Release Notes page to explore details about ConservationSpace features and ongoing improvements.
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