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The New User Interface (UI) Is Introduced

On Friday, April 18, 2016 a short video that features several features that are being introduced in the new UI was released. After user acceptance testing was done during ConservationSpace 1.0, a majority of the testers suggested improvement that prompted the task of working during release of version 2.0 to improve the user interface. For those who have been testing and practicing with the system, the basic functionality remains the same. However, the way users approach and work with the system will change significantly with the introduction of the new UI. The interface uses a tabbed approach to displaying and working with information. Everyone who saw the video has expressed praise for the accomplishments with the new UI and look forward to practicing with it and experiencing the expansion of it. Sirma reports that not all the features are working at this moment. Coding is an ongoing process, but each week brings more functions online. Partners will have the ability shortly to "test drive" the new UI.

To see the entire video, it has been posted on YouTube at this address: Click here to see the YouTube Video

The image displayed shows a demonstration of the Mirador image annotation viewer as it resides in ConservationSpace 2.0.

An 8 minute video of the new ConservationSpace UI

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